The Bi-State Contracting Team thoroughly understands the construction environment and is familiar with construction requirements in addition to the capabilities and limitations of local subcontractors and suppliers.  As a major contractor in the area for over nineteen years, our management team is well versed in all project approval procedures and the requirements necessary to achieve an ambitious schedule. A team of experts who understand the specialized systems and requirements of your project will be assigned to the project team. We understand the importance of providing quick accurate cost data, scheduling information and construction input so short and long-term decisions can be made to keep the project on time and within cost.
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The Bi-State Team, while embracing Continuous Improvement, strives to complete each Project;
  • Safely
  • On Time
  • Within Cost
  • With Quality Workmanship
At Bi-State Contracting these are not just words; rather they are our Team Members’ Values and Work Ethics.  We will not be satisfied until all the Project Goals are met or exceeded, and Customer Satisfaction, that we both require, is achieved.
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Our Project Approach can be jointly developed with your staff to specifically meet you and your client’s unique project requirements.
  • Pre-Construction Phase
Bi-State Contracting offers the most comprehensive pre-construction services and technical support staff for your project.  Our extensive knowledge of estimating, value engineering, scheduling, and construction requirements makes us a valuable choice for your project.
  • Bidding Phase
Ultimately, construction performance rests with the subcontractors and suppliers who build the facility.  Our extensive experience and skills in planning and managing the building process will ensure the quality of construction, the bid price, and the time to do the work.  We use only pre-qualified subcontractors lessening the risk to you, the customer, and guaranteeing the quality we both demand.
Bi-State Contracting maintains a computerized database of pre-qualified, preferred suppliers and subcontractors.  Prior to bidding, specific trade subcontractors are contacted to generate interest and commence preparation for the project.  Public notices and, if necessary, further contacts outside the local area are then made to ensure that Bi-State Contracting’s preferred subcontractors are provided with ample opportunities for participation in the bid process.
  • Construction Phase
Our experience with local subcontractors and suppliers, in addition to our specialized management capabilities, will be critical in coordinating, leading, motivating and supporting the subcontractor to get the results we have promised.
  • Planning Throughout
Planning throughout the project is guaranteed by the fact that building construction is a dynamic, ever-changing process.  We provide our management services with the knowledge that quick reaction to unforeseen changes can be of the utmost importance.  Our intermediary relationship allows us to receive information quickly from all sources and recommend direction as to the best alternatives or solutions.  We can then review this immediately with the entire Project Team, the Architect and the Owner to determine the chosen course of action.
  • Commitment
We recognize and are committed to the standards of excellence you strive to maintain by ensuring complete satisfaction in your project through financial integrity and project expertise.

Thank you for considering Bi-State Contracting, Inc. when your construction needs arise!!